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Designed for the bar and nightclub industry

clubscan is a powerful database system that offers the most robust patron management solution available. It provides a unique way of cataloging customers and forecasting future business. In addition, it automatically calculates age, logs nightly business activity, and even has the capability to detect fake ID's.

What separates clubscan from all other ID verification systems is that we use an optical scanning device instead of a bar code or magnetic strip reader. This enables us to support driver's licenses from all 50 states, passports, military ID's, and a variety of other ID cards that have neither a bar code nor magnetic strip. clubscan provides you with accurate information that reflects exactly how much, and what kind of business you're really doing.


When an ID is scanned, clubscan automatically:
  • Calculates and clearly displays your customer's age, in addition to generating alert messages if they are under 18 or under 21.
  • Determines if the ID is expired.
  • Determines if the ID was presented earlier on the same night
  • Shows Customer Status - VIP, General Admission, or Banned
  • Shows Cover Charge Status - Free Admission or Cover Charge
  • Adds the record to the clubscan Database


The clubscan Database

The clubscan Database is password protected so that only the desired users have access to this information. From this window full access to the database is available enabling you to:

View Important Demographic Information - You can determine; male/female ratios, the number of times a customer paid a cover charge, how many customers came on a specific date, and a variety of other relevant statistics.

Enhance Advertising Capabilities - Generate customizable mailing lists that can be targeted to various groups of customers based on the demographic information you now have access to. In addition, with our multi-state ID support, it's possible to reach both local and out of state customers.

Create Informative Reports - Using the Quick Search/Report feature, you can pick various categories of customers and generate reports based on the search criteria you select. For example you can generate a report that lists all your Female, VIP customers that are 21 or older, from Florida, and entered the nightclub on 8/16/03. This information can then be printed or used in MS Excel© or Access© where detailed graphs and charts can be made.

Increase Security - You now have the ability to produce a scanned record complete with picture, providing legal proof that ID verification was done. In addition, if a customer gets banned for any reason, you can enter comments for why they were banned and how long their banned until. If a banned customer tries to re-enter on a later date a warning message automatically appears that specifies the reason for the ban and the date it is to be lifted. This feature provides a historical record of continual offenders ensuring anyone working the door knows.

Fake ID Detection - clubscan supports driver's licenses from all 50 states, passports, military ID's, and a variety of other valid ID cards, eliminating the need for a doorman to refer to a book for an unfamiliar ID. If a customer tries to use a home-made ID it will automatically be detected and a warning message will pop up stating that it is invalid. In addition, ClubScan is also capable of reading the encoded information stored on ID cards with magnetic strips or 1D and 2D bar codes. A simple verification process is done that compares the encoded information with the information actually printed on the ID. This minimizes the chance of allowing a customer to enter the nightclub with a doctored up or questionable ID.


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